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willy wonka mood theme 
26th-Dec-2005 09:39 am [moodthemes]
I'm currently a bit obsessive over this movie, so I made a mood theme of it yesterday. All 132 unique images feature just Willy Wonka. I might make a general movie one later. Anyway, hopefully somebody else loves the movie as much as I do and doesn't find Willy too scary, lol. Screencaps were made by me, except for about two from heydigital.

angry crappy amused contemplative guilty

If you want to use this theme, just comment here and let me know that you're taking it. Make sure you comment me, strangelogic, in your userinfo.


1. Download the mood theme zip file from here. If the link expires, just let me know and I'll reupload it for you.

2. Upload all the mood images to either your website or a free image host like Photobucket. IMPORTANT: Do not change the filenames!

3. Go to the Admin Console. Then in the textbox, enter the following: moodtheme_create Willy Wonka created by strangelogic. Click "Execute".

4. It will then give you a number - copy it down!

5. In the zip file Open the codes.txt document. Change every "12345" to the number the console gave you earlier. Using the Replace option on Notepad or Microsoft Word will make this process go much faster. Then change all the "http://www.hosting.com" to the address where you uploaded the mood theme images.

6. Copy and paste the edited codes document into the Admin Console. Click "Execute".

7. Go to Modify Journal. Underneath where it says Mood Icons, select "Willy Wonka" from the drop down box.

8. Click "Save Changes" and you're done!

FREE ACCOUNT USERS: Instructions on using mood themes on free accounts can be found here.
27th-Dec-2005 07:51 pm (UTC)
That is amazing. <3
Saving this to my memories. I'll be using soon. :)
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